(Service is only available on Saturdays or Sundays)

Service hours Number of cleaners Floor Area Fee Extra hours
3 hours 4 cleaners 1000 square feet or below 4000 $120/hour
3 5 cleaners 1001-1500 4500 (Every cleaner)
4 hours 6 1501-2000 sq.ft 5500
4 hours 7 2001-2500 6500
cleaners sq.ft
4 8 2501-3000 7000
hours cleaners sq.ft

The above fees are the fix price. For enquiries about the office floor area above 3000 square feets, please call 98202829Ms. Fan (TAMMY) / 60106074 (GARY).

**In the New Territories, Kowloon and non-MTR, additional quotations are required at a cost of about $100-$400. (Depending on the region, the cost of transporting cleaning tools and supplies)

Please book the service 2 weeks in advance
Customers must pay half of the service fee as the deposit by at least 1 week before the service date

Tools: ground mops, vacuum cleaners, buckets, glass sticks (for smears), except ladders/stools
Cleaner: Blue Weibao, CIF, glass cleaning water, bleach and turpent water

Tools: 6-8 towels, scouring pad, etc. (depending on floor area)

If there is a lot of stains (including: oil stains, paint stains, etc.), you will need to pay a surcharge depending on the situation.
If the cleaners need to be work with other workers, we can not guarantee that we can finish the work on time.


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